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Free Consultation about visa problems
We will hold free consultation for foreign peoples who are confronted with problems about their visa,business,marrige ,divorce or other legal matters.Please feel free to come and consult us.
Details are as below.
Date and Time Place
Mar20(Wed) 13.00-17:00 KIJ office Meeting room
Near JR Maiko Stn. TEL 078-785-5599

We are immigration丂lawyers certified by the Japanese Minister of Justice. Please feel free to consult with us on all your immigration matters.
Rather than attempting to deal directly with the immigration office yourself, we provide representation and assisance with obtaining and smoothly completing immigration documents and procedures such as:
1. Certificate of Eligibility
2.Change of Status of Residence
3.Permanent Resident If you stay in Japan for 10 years or over, you can apply for permanent resident visa.
4..Extension of Period of Stay
5.Re-Entry Permission
6.Part-time Job Permission
Other Legal Supports
1.Procedure for Marrige or Divorce
2.Business Support
3.Establishment of Company, Application for subsidy or tax remission

Japanese Lessons
Developing your Japanese language ability will enable you to enjoy a more comfortable and successful life in Japan.
All our Japanese teachers are certified by the Japanese Minister of Education. We provide a variety of teaching programs for all levels from beginning to advanced.
 We tailor our courses to our students needs and schedules.
1.Daily Conversation
2.Business Japanese
3.Kana and Kanji
4.Preparation for the Proficiency Exam
5.Guidance to Japanese Politics, Economy, Culture and System of Public Administration(For government officials in Japan)
For Elegant Japanese Writing
We help you to improve your business writing (business documents, catalogues, brochures, product directions and so on). We can check and correct your writings.
If you can write elegant Japanese, you will succeed in your business.

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